I’m Ashlee Bennett

Master Hypnotherapist

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Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is released with hypnotherapy. Learn how to relax.

Stop Smoking

You have tried many times, now is the time to get ‘er done!

Goal Setting

Use Hypnosis to go after your goals.

Reduce Overeating and Focus on Health

Hypnosis clients lost more weight than 90% of others and kept it off (J. Consult Clin Psyc.)

Stress Management

Learn how hypnosis can reduce your stress levels and bring you to a wonderful relaxed place, without the use of any medication.

Career Advice

Build the confidence to go after the career you want and live the life you dreamed of.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind where the body is asleep, but the mind is completely alert. It is known as a peculiar state of mind. It is a relaxed state where you can allow your mind to drift back to memories or experiences that you would not have been able to access in a conscious mindset.

Who Is Hypnotherapy For?

One of the best parts of being hypnotized by Ashlee Bennett is that at the end of every session, Ashlee puts a disclaimer that no one including herself, will be able to hypnotize you without your consent. Imagine no more impulse shopping by a flashy As-Seen-On-TV ad, using hypnotic suggestions without your permission.

Hypnosis is for everyone,  after a session with me you will be no longer be able to be hypnotized without your consent. 

It is The Process Like?

You will become very relaxed, and in complete control. You will not reveal your deepest darkest secrets, and most often all that is required is a finger raise or head nod and you can keep all of your personal information private. As long as we clear the emotion from a traumatic event, I do not need to know the details. I have helped many clients with traumatic events and did not know the details, and was able to release the negative emotions. Also, I have clients that will disclose, and everything said is kept in complete confidence.

In Hypnosis I do not erase memories, but use techniques to remove negative emotions, so you can forgive those who hurt you and remove emotional attachments. After hypnosis, recalling the event is simply information and not re-experience the trauma all over again.

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