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November 7, 2019

Meet Ashlee Bennett

Introduction to Ashlee, Clinical Hypnotherapist
November 7, 2019

Have you ever looked around your life and wondered how you arrived there? I know there have been many chapters in my life that I have wondered, “how did I get here?”

There is no specific day, moment or even action that pivots a person to where they are. It is a combination of events that shape who we are, and how we came to a specific place in our lives.

Three months ago, if you asked me if I would be travelling back and forth from Edmonton, AB to Abbotsford, BC every week, I would have said, “there is no possible way!”

However, I am writing this article listening to the hustle and bustle of cars passing by in my Coquitlam office and 2 days from now will be taking a flight back to Edmonton.

To believe the impossible has become the most common theme of my life, taking over 52 flights a year is not for the weak.

I could go into details as to why I travel back and forth, but the long and short of it is; I applied to relocate with my children to BC, where I have planned to grow my Hypnotherapy practice.

The mobility application process is not easily navigated with self-representation and I was denied.

However, in my haste, I had made all the plans to relocate. So, with support of friends and family, I was able to retain shared parenting as well as fly back and forth to build my hypnotherapy practice. So, for the week I am in BC, I am dedicated to service of my clients, and when I am AB, I am completely focused on my children.

In the grand scheme of things, this “2019 Fall of disappointments” turned in to a huge blessing where I can balance work and play as cleanly as possible.

How does one not go insane from living in these chaotic circumstances? Well, let me tell you, it is through gratitude and support of others that I can maintain this. To soothe my mental sanity, I attribute the use of Hypnosis as I am confident without it, I would not even be able to formulate a sentence.

I have found that my greatest strength in challenges is the ability to find the good in all situations. Through training and having the most amazing Hypnotherapist as a mother and mentor, I have the strength of 6 horses, metaphorically speaking of course.

My mother teaches others to become a Hypnotherapist, and I also took her training, early in 2019, and graduated in the summer of 2019, among 7 other exceptional hypnotherapists.

We all learned and practiced on one another during school, and that alone is what assisted in resetting and aligning my mental health. The schooling was challenging and as the daughter of the teacher, I was also a challenging student haha, I like to say, I had been around hypnosis just as long as my mother since she practiced on me throughout those 12 beloved years, and had assisted me in sessions along the way.

However, while I was learning the techniques, I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the subconscious mind.
Without the training of becoming a hypnotherapist, and working with my classmates, I doubt I would have had the strength to carry on, prior to completing the training. During hypnosis, I removed negative attachments of self doubt, worry and anxiety that had plagued me for years.

Also, during school assisting fellow classmates to remove the “negative shit” they were holding on to is a wonderful feeling.

Never in all my years of seeking counselling, therapy and other modalities did I see such an inspirational change than I did with Hypnosis.


Reading the data above, you don’t have to take my word for it, countless studies have confirmed this. Hypnosis is not the only solution, in fact it well known that it is an exemplary compliment to other treatments.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I cannot even begin to express the wonderment of watching countless clients through hypnosis take their power back. I have seen clients quit smoking, and never ever want to touch a cigarette again, I have seen old memories that caused immeasurable pain, be healed and the attachments of pain removed.

It is scientifically proven that hypnosis is the fastest way to get to the root of the issues, compared to other modalities.

Life in my humble opinion has different “finish lines” for everyone, and not everyone has the same one. I was discussing with my dental hygienist a few months back when she confided that she did not want to have children, and I simply looked at her with my freshly adorned bib on, and said, “we do not have to achieve the same things in order to be successful.”

She simply looked at me and went, “wow” it was if it was the first time in her life, she was given permission to live the life she wanted to live. For some they want children, and for others they do not, however as we live in Canada with more luxuries and freedoms than many other countries, we are at liberty to choose the life we want.

With hypnosis in my chair, I simply guide my clients to find their own unique power and place it firmly at the forefront. The client has to do the work, and I am simply a “space holder” and my job is to get you to that relaxed peculiar state of hypnosis, and the clients is safely guided to explore and make the choices they want to make.

I have had many clients or people assuming I will bring out a swinging pendulum and they will go magically to sleep, and while I have been known to tease and make jokes, it is nothing like that.

In fact, people are in a state of hypnosis multiple times a day with advertisements, marketing, day dreaming and even natural hypnosis such as driving somewhere and seemingly waking up and going, “how did I get there?” I do not practice hypnosis with the intent to overpower someone.

I purposefully explain the entire session to the client and what they can expect during the session. They are then free to discuss their views or concerns on what I have proposed. I immediately take their feedback and keep it in my mind as I am of service to the client only looking to maximize their session.

I find that the faster the client trusts and builds rapport with me, the quicker and easier we can get to the root of the issues.

If you enjoyed this article, share it, and if you are interested in booking a session, please feel free to contact me, as I am always grateful to be of service. I wish all those reading this a wonderful day, and I stay tuned as I plan to write an article each week.

Ashlee Bennett
Hawkeye Hypnotherapy

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