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So Much to Think About. So Little Time.That’s Where I come In!

Are you wanting to increase your productivity?

Are you stressed out and feeling overwhelmed?

Then you have come to the right place, a hypnosis session giving you direct suggestions to increase productivity and to reduce stress with a relaxing hypnosis session.

Book today before December 31, 2019, as we are having a End of Year Sale of $60 per session for many services.



Hi! I’m Ashlee



I Gotcha Covered!

Anxiety or Stress


Exam Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Age Regression

Phobias / Fears

Quit Smoking

Weight Loss

Reduce Overeating

Chakra Alignment

Past Life Regression


It's Never Too Early To Start!

Hypnosis Sessions

Book 2 sessions

before December 31 for $60 / session


Chakras Alignment

Pain / Mobility concerns


Quit Smoking $150 – 2 Sessions Limited Time Offer

Hypnosis is 3 times as effective as the patch and 15 times as effective as willpower (J. Applied Psyc.)

The First Hypnosis Session includes a therapy called Successful Motivation. This will help to reduce anxiety and increase self confidence.

The Second Hypnosis Session in Hypnosis, you will be a lab technician examining a cigarette and identifying all the toxins. Speaking directly to the subconscious and seeing what a cigarette truly is, a deadly habit, that has never supported your body.

Combine these 2 sessions with your commitment to being tobacco free for life, and enjoy your freedom!!

Book 2 sessions

before December 31 for $60 / session


Anxiety or Stress


Exam / Performance Anxiety

Phobias / Fears